Malem Bedwetting Alarm Reviews, Your Complete Guide to Stop Bedwetting

Malem Bedwetting Alarm Reviews, Your Complete Guide to Stop Bedwetting 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.

Prevent Bedwetting With The Best Bedwetting Alarms for Children: Malem Bedwetting Alarm Reviews

Malam Ultimate Bedwetting Alarm Review

Bed wetting can be very embarrassing and shameful. Many people suffer from wetting the bed from all ages and social groups. One method used for stopping bed wetting is to condition the mind and train the bladder to hold urine for a longer amount of time. The Malem bedwetting alarm was created to train an individual over time to stop wetting the bed. The alarm has been clinically tested by physicians. The vibration of the alarm will not cause the sleeper to become startled out of their sleep.

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Fast Results

Even though results are based on the individual, many users claim to have had results in less than a month. (At least this is the average time for children under 10 years old who have used the product).  The first stages of improvement have been reported in the first two weeks.

Saves Time

Consumers will appreciate the amount of time saved with this product. For one, clients don’t have to wake their children in the middle of the night to remind them to use the restroom. This can cause the consumer to become irritated because of getting little to no sleep. Preventing accidents will allow the user (or their parents) to not have to change their clothes and bed linen.

Compact and Lightweight

The bed wetting device is great for traveling with or shipping because it is very lightweight and compact. The device weighs only 2 ounces and measures about 2 inches (in square feet). This makes it easy to move from location to location or for those who are on the go.

Easy To Use

The bed wetting alarm is not difficult to use and doesn’t come with a hard to read manual. The user simply clips the alarm onto the underwear or briefs. It comes with a plethora of audible tones that the user can choose from. They also come in different colors; pink, purple, magenta, royal blue, blue, gold and camouflage. The alarm does the rest of the work; it comes with sensors that detects moisture during the night. The alarm is more comfortable than wearing special padding.

Bed Wetters Can Track Their Progress

One of the most beneficial features is the tracking charts included in each package. These charts allow you to track progress. This makes it easier to create customized times to use the restroom or to notice when bed wetting is more likely to occur. The device also requires AAA batteries (which are inexpensive and can be found in most drug stores).

Effective Alarm

This bed wetting alarm is also very cost-effective. As noted before, the alarm has been clinically tested by professionals in the medical industry. This fact does increase the chances for success since the product was created based on trial and error.

Uses Combination of Therapy

Unlike other bed wetting systems,  the Marlem bed alarm uses a combination of techniques including; vibration, flashing lights and sound. This is effective because each child reacts differently to certain therapies. Sensors are included in the package along with two triple ‘A’ batteries. Also included is a bed mat sensor and standard flat sensor.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Even though the alarm is effective and compact, some reviewers have noted the alarm to be slightly larger than average. Despite this claim, the alarm is around the size of a pager. Even though the alarm is great for children who may wet the bed, parents and guardians should know they will need to assist their children in the beginning stages (with or without the alarm). Professionals have recommended using a single tone instead of tones that have multiple sounds. For some children, they might get use to the tone and tune it out while sleeping. To avoid this problem, manufacturers suggest setting single tones that will randomly rotate. The first two weeks will be the hardest. After this period, the child will be able to go to the bathroom on their own; so although results are not instant, the alarm will speed up the process.

The Malem Bedwetting Alarm (with sound and vibration) is a good product for those looking to train their children to use the restroom before wetting the bed. What the system does is creates a ‘sleeping pattern’ inside the body. After a while, the user of the alarm will automatically get up on their own and have lesser accidents. The alarm will also save frequent trips to physicians and other medical centers. If the user will be a child, in less than a month, they will be able to track their own results. You will not have to worry about the alarm startling the child awake. In fact, if the parent wishes, they can set the alarm for vibration and light sensors only. The large amount of options allows for fast results. Click here to read more customer reviews…

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