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Lose Weight Fast with Whole Body Vibration Technique: The Best Whole Body Vibration Machine Reviews

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whole body vibration machine

Whole Body Vibration Machine Butterfly Shapes is indeed a great buy. After reading up on the benefits of whole body vibration, I became thoroughly convinced that this new innovation in personal fitness was something I simply had to try. Not being a huge fan of cardio machines such as treadmills, that leave me huffing and puffing and only draw attention to just how out of shape I have unfortunately become, the fact that all that is required of a person is to simply stand still on this apparatus for 15 minutes every other day or so sounded very appealing to me. Benefits of using this piece of equipment include; increased metabolism and blood flow which can lead to the burning of fat and weight loss, improved strength and flexibility and reduced cortisol production. It is also purported to reduce bone loss and back and joint pain, relieve stress, and improve balance. So with all these potential health benefits, I figured I would go about finding a good one that I could try out for myself, my choice; the whole body vibration machine butterfly shapes. Here, I will share my whole body vibration machine reviews and my personal experience with fellow readers.

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Initial Experience with Whole Body Vibration Machine

In my search for a quality vibration machine, I realized that they are not all created equal, or at least their price tags aren’t that is. Some models retail for over four figures, which is kind of pushing it price-wise in my opinion. Then I came upon this one for sale online from a popular internet marketplace, that was very affordable in the lower three figure digits. It had a nice, compact butterfly shape and looked to have all the capabilities that one who is new to using this kind of technology would require. So I decided to go for it and give the product a try. I placed my order online, and in 1 week’s time I had my new vibration machine delivered to my doorstep, nicely packed and even with batteries for its remote control unit.

In comparing it to some other models by other manufacturers, I must say that it has a more comfortable design. It does not have handles as some other ones do, which for me is fine because it takes up much less space and it allows for easier movement. This way it is not so likely to end up becoming a clothing rack beside my (dusty)treadmill… It’s very compact, which means it can be easily stowed under a bed or in a closet when not in use. I live in an apartment, so the space-saving factor is a real plus. It is not particularly heavy either, so in other words a woman can move it around without her man’s assistance. The standing platform is a sufficient size, so movement is not hindered.


The speed settings go up to 20 rpm/sec, which suits me just fine. Some of the more expensive models offer speeds that up to 50-60 rpm/sec, but for a beginner like me with limited finances, this one is quite adequate. Another nice thing about this machine is the way in which it moves; side to side, back and forth and up and down. This broader range of movement is due to the fact that it is designed with a pivot-ball in its center, which generates these motions. Many other models use a piston mechanism in all four corners, which only permits movement in an up and down direction, and is thought to be less healthy for the body. When it is being used on the higher settings, I did notice that it caused my dishes to rattle in the cupboards, but it’ not like an earthquake or anything like that. I live on a ground floor, but for those who do not it may possibly cause some noise and shaking so it may be a good idea to ensure neighbors are not disturbed by it.

Personal Benefits

It’s been a month since I started using my body vibration machine, and I must say there are some improvements I have noticed. First of all, I have always been someone who is troubled with insomnia and the dreaded “toss and turns” at night. However, since I started using this apparatus for a few minutes every other day, I have not woken up once at night but rather slept quite soundly through until morning. I really believe the machine deserves the credit for this much welcome difference in my sleep pattern. It does feel kind of ticklish when you first use it, but once I got used to it I found it very relaxing.

Another benefit I have experienced since I began training with this equipment, is that the muscle stiffness I have been suffering with in by back and legs. When I get on the machine, the vibration causes a warm tingling throughout my leg muscles that gradually rises into my lower back, which have been trouble spots for me for years considering I am on my feet for extended periods each day due to my occupation. Since I started using it, I feel much less tension in those muscles and am more limber, the pain also occurs much less often than it used to.

My energy levels have definitely increased too. Before I started using my machine, I would get so tired sometimes throughout the day while at work that I was gulping back the coffee and longed for a nap. Thankfully, since I have started using this great little contraption, I have realized that it is much easier to get through my work day without feeling sleepy and I have so much more energy and spring to my step than I used to. I generally seem to be less moody too, and feel happier. This could be caused by the release of serotonin that is claimed to be stimulated by its use.

Faults with The Product

Although I am overall very pleased with this purchase and consider it money well spent, I did find one fault in the machine. The plastic casing that makes up its main body is made of rather weak plastic it seems, because it cracked easily when I accidentally bumped the machine against a wooden table leg. It seems like something that people are standing on with their full weight should be a little more durable, but it still works fine and the top panel is certainly sturdy.


All in all, I would recommend the whole body vibration machine butterfly shapes that I bought online to anyone who is in the market for an affordable one that does not take up a lot of space. It is nice and portable and easy to use for those who are unfamiliar with such a machine as I was. It does seem to actually produce some of the health benefits it claims to as well; I do sleep better, feel more energetic and have less muscle pain than I used to, so there does seem to be a real connection. Overall, it is an excellent buy for the price paid.

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