Best GPS Fitness And Running Watches For Men And Women: Nike+ Sportwatch Gps Powered By TomTom Runner Watch

Best GPS Fitness And Running Watches For Men And Women: Nike+ Sportwatch Gps Powered By TomTom Runner Watch 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.

Get The Best Running Watches for Both Men and Women: Nike+ Sportwatch Gps Powered By TomTom Runner Watch Reviews

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Nike SportWatch

Works are important to those who love exercising. The exercises would go well with a gadget the helps people plan and make their workouts effective. One such important gadget is the Nike+ SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTom. This GPS controlled phone helps me improve my workouts and even makes the running effective. It lets me save data on the phone so that I can review the data to plan the workouts. Having data allows me to fine tune my workouts and increase them. This smart watch is built on the Nike platform allowing me to integrate it with social media and software, and TomTom powers the GPS technology. All the features make it possible to monitor and track movements and workouts through the gadget on your wrist. Here, I will share my Nike+ Sportwatch Gps Runner Watch reviews with fellow readers.

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The SportWatch is black in color and looks very sporty. The bands are small and can be adjusted to fit any size of the arm. The straps are black and are able to expand to the widest settings. The USB port is located at the end of the band. It is easy to use as it pops out of the strap. The port is used to upload the work to any computer for review. It is made of plastic even on the bands, making it light, as it weighs 2.24 ounces. For those who are used to heavy watches, they will not feel as if they have won anything on their hands.

Compared to other Nike products, it is the best of them all. It gives the runner accurate information both outside and inside within a short time. It is not necessary that you turn on the GPS sensor when running. The Nike+ sensor will help even track in the remote areas where the GPS signal is weak.

Personal Coach

Through integration with the Nike network, I use this devise as my personal coach. It works by storing your information and has a memory of your routine activities. The first thing to do is to set up the program based on your experience, workout frequency, and even distance covered per week. The Nike+ coach tracks your everyday routine and creates graphs for review. Through the graphs, one is able to compare all the different sessions and come up with ways to improve their overall performance. With this device, it is possible to get training advice and helpful tips.


Stopwatch: this gadget helps measure the time elapsed, calories burned, pace, speed, and distance. It is also monitors the heart rate, making it possible to maintain your physical fitness.

History and Records: you can easily record more than fifty runs and alert you when you break your own record. Receive alerts when you beat your personal best. It will keep you motivated.

Built-in GPS

It conveys correct distance and speed data even during outdoor runs. For the indoor runs, you will need the Nike+ Shoe Sensor.

Run reminders

This is to keep you on a schedule. If the schedule is not customized, it will alert you after every five days. A schedule is important for goal setting.

PC connectivity

Connecting to a PC allows me to track data even on mapped routes, get speed and elevation change data, which really comes in handy when I am running outdoors.


By tapping on the screen, it is possible to start, stop, and pause. The data will be stored on the phone for review when connected to a computer. It will be used to improve performance.

Backlit display

The light makes it easy to read the figures. There is also the battery icon to detect how much charge is in the device.

My Best Running Buddy

It not only shows the time before your run, but also has reminders and acts like a personal coach. There are alerts meant to motivate and improve your performance. During your run, the watch keeps records your pace, location, laps, distance, pace, and calories burned. All the records will be stored for review when running. After the run, I am able to set goals and review my performance. Keeping progress and tracking allows me to motivate myself and others. In case there is an event to prepare for, there is the option of customizing the training programs. After the run, all you have to do is connect the website and stay connected with friends and millions of users in the world.

The gadget allows any user to connect to This helpful website automatically gives you tips and schedules, mapping and measuring your runs. It makes it possible to see the weekly or monthly runs, so that it becomes easier to set personal goals and even come up with ways to challenge yourself. The site offers a lot to every user. The site is made simple for anyone to use. Those who miss runs are reminded after a few days.


Even though the watch is helpful and accurate, it does not have a music application. Most runners are used to listening to music as they run. It makes the whole exercise worth it. This means that you have to look for another device for music and carry both. It would be perfect if it had a jack and music storage space. Since it does not have, you will be forced to carry your music player or iPod. Music is important to most runners and the device would have been perfect if it supported a music player.


For those looking to improve their performance during morning runs, then the Nike+ SportWatch is worth buying. It is easy to use and allows for integration with Nikes website. The combination of the watch and the website is what makes it possible to record and review the performance. For those interested in keeping goals, then this device is what makes it suitable for use. Upload of information is easy as it has a watchstrap with a USB. The device is made not only improve the pace but the overall performance. This is therefore the ideal gadget for you, just like how it had benefited me.

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