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Best and Cheap Baby Formula For Infant and Newborn: Gerber Good Start Protect PLUS Baby Formula

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Mothers all over the world are looking for baby foods that are healthier for their baby. Gerber Good Start Protect PLUS has a ton of beneficial ingredients which is healthy for any baby. The instant formula is made with natural agents which is high in protein. These healthy agents also boosts the immune system which can protect the baby against diseases and infections such as the common cold. The formula is for babies between 0 to 12 months.

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Healthy Ingredients

One of the healthy agents included in the baby milk is DHA (also known as docossahexaenoic acid). These fatty acids improve skin, hair and nails. They also develop a healthy brain and eye tissue. Mothers may want to think about this if bad vision runs in their family or if they themselves wear glasses. During a natural process, the mother passes healthy agents to the baby during the third month of pregnancy. The process doesn’t have to be stopped if the mother manually feeds the baby these ingredients after birth. Breast feeding is one method of doing this. In the end, the baby will be able to build up natural defenses against disease, resulting in a healthier and happy baby. One of the ways the ingredients boosts the immune system is by increasing antibodies within the body. These antibodies are natural shields which lay in the digestive tract where 70% of the immune system can be found.

Easy To Digest

The last thing a baby need is to consumes foods which are hard to digest. This has a number of effects such as bloating and a crying baby for the rest of the night. The Good Start Supreme Natural Cultures Powder formula is easy to digest, making the nutrients spread within the body much faster. This is because the formula is made with comfort proteins. This will allow the digestive system to quickly increase the immune system.

Easy Preparation

The Gerber Formula does not require a set of instructions or special cooking skills to prepare. That is because adding water is the only task which is needed to create the milk-like substance.

Great Breast-Milk Substitute

Of course, nothing can replace natural breast-milk, but the Gerber Formula is the closest substitution. This is because it has some of the same vitamins including; vitamin E, C, A and zinc. The probiotic cultures along with the vitamins not only increases the immune system, but prepares the child intellectually. The most beneficial culture found in breast milk and the substitute formula is Bifidobacterium. Other good ingredients include biotin, calcium, magnesium and zinc. The amino acids include threonine, valine, leucine and histidine and lysine.

Some Things To Take Note Of

Mothers and guardians are encouraged not to heat the milk at too high of a temperature. It is suggested that if the formula is boiled at temperatures higher than 100 degrees (f), the formula will become drained of the natural cultures. Even though the Gerber powder formula is the closest thing to breast milk, health professionals insists that nothing is more beneficial than actual breast milk from the mother. With that being said, the formula is still great for mothers who may have issues with breast feeding or other complications such as inverted nipples or blocked breast ducts. It is also good for babies who are allergic to regular or breast milk. If your baby is allergic to milk, it is best to first get the okay from a family doctor before serving the formula.

The Gerber formula is not messy and does not require boiling or other special preparation. You only have to pour the powder into a bottle of water. To see the right measurements, the consumer should look on a chart (which is located on the box). For every two ounces of water, 8.7 grams of powder should be added to create the right amount of thickness.  It is recommended to use the included scoop tool. After adding the powder, cap the bottle and shake really well. To keep the milk from spoiling, the mother should feed the baby immediately or place the bottle into the fridge. The milk can only sit out for one hour before it will need to be discarded. Consumers are also warned against using a microwave to warm the formula due to the milk’s sensitivity and high risk of burns. To store the unused powder, it is best to cover the lid and place in a room temperature location. The powder is good for one month from being opened.

If you are a mother and looking for a high-grade breast milk substitution, Gerber Good Start PLUS powder is the best option. It is the next best thing to breast milk as it has all of the natural vitamins and antibodies. These vitamins are vital for brain and eye tissue development which can lead to a healthy baby in the long run. Click here to read more info…

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